Fifty shades of women

Fifty shades of Women

In the modern era the concept of lingerie is of a highly fashionable piece of clothing that women wear as undergarments. It is viewed as seductive and visually appealing. Lingerie is considered to be a something sexy. Lady Duff-Gordon was the first women to put together fabrics in such a manner that we now call lingerie. In the 20th century women wore undergarments in order to help them with their body shapes and to be modest. The clothes were not at all revealing or sexually attractive. In fact, women had to wear large bulky clothes that would cover almost their entire body.

Lingerie was created to free women from large and bulky clothes that they were tired of wearing all the time. In addition to this, soft fabrics and robe-based designs were used to free women from restrictive corsets that were damaging them physically and medically. Lingerie became more popular after the world war since women replaced men at several jobs and large and bulky clothes were not ideal for working. It was not before the 1960’s that lingerie was attributed as something sexy. Newer designs that highlighted certain features of the body and light materials made lingerie a huge success. 

Today lingerie comes in several sizes and shapes all with one purpose- to make women feel confident and seductive. A good set of lingerie can add lots of excitement in your life. Lingerie can be regarded as a type of female undergarments. It usually consists of brassieres, sleepwear and lightweight robes. A lingerie is more often a combination of all the three. There are more than 20 different styles of lingerie that a woman can enjoy wearing. These include Baby doll, Bustier, G-String and Body Stockings to name a few. The word Lingerie is of French origin and was adopted into the English language. It was formulated using the word linge which means linen.

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