About us

SydneyRose lingerie is a family run buisness providing quality underwear, sleep wear and sexy lingerie for women who dare to be themselves. All our products are sourced for luxury nd glamour, we cater for all ages and sizes and ship to uk and international destinations. SydneyRose has something to offer every one. Our online shop provides luxurious sleep wear , flirty fun outfits or if you like it a little more erotic try one of our more daring styles. Our stock is updated daily for customer satisfaction .


At Sydney Rose we have a wide array of lingerie that we make available for our valued customer. Our lingerie is made from numerous types of fabrics such as Silk, Satin, Charmeuse and Chiffon mainly. These fabrics contain both synthetic and organic fabrics. Organic fabrics can be made from silk or cotton whereas the synthetic fabrics use polyester and nylon fiber. Our lingerie is not only stretchy, lightweight and smooth but is also alluring and extremely fashionable.

Our premium quality lingerie offers an experience like never before. Our lingerie as made from extremely superior material that feels like a second skin to your body. It fits to your body shape like a glove. Our designs are extremely stylish yet solace at the same time.  We want women to express every shade of themselves. Hence, we have a wide array of lingerie that ranges from the most elegant to the flirtiest. We want you to have an experience of a lifetime while wearing our premium product.

We are a family run business that is determined to deliver excellence through our quality under wear, sleep wear and lingerie for women. Our company believes that luxury, style and comfort come hand in hand. Therefore, our products are aimed to provide you with maximum glamor and complement your natural beauty. Through our website you can order and buy your lingerie online. Our online lingerie shop is inclusive for all. You can find lingerie for all ages and sizes. Every woman has a right to look sexy. Through our master pieces we believe that we bring in confidence comfort and pleasure to the women around us. We ship all over the UK and to all international destinations. Our delivery services are extremely reliable and completely abide by your privacy. We update our stock regularly to bring in our newest designs and maximize customer satisfaction.  We have just launched our store in 2020. This makes us relatively new to the business, however within no time we have gained a large number of customers that are extremely happy with their purchases. We want to become a huge in the lingerie business and without the help and support of our valued customers it is impossible. So we feel it our moral obligation to thankyou for your love and support.

 Our products are extremely erotic and seductive! Shhhhhhh!