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Smart Tips that Will Help You Find the Right Teddy Lingerie to Slip-On

Teddy’s are one of the women’s favorite lingerie to slip on! From setting irresistible sex appeal to showing off a wearer’s personality, teddies are all about praising each and every aspect of femininity.

Lingerie plays a significant role in how you carry yourself! Unfortunately, most women fail to embark on a healthy relationship with their sexualities. Accepting who you are is a vital step to know yourself and lay hands on perfect lingerie.

Whether it’s bold black, bright yellow, cute pink, or fiery red lace teddy you are aiming for, understanding your body type is the key to looking beautiful and confident in lingerie.

Are you curious to see how teddy will look on you? Well, who doesn’t want to own a perfect pair of teddy lingerie! Without wasting any time, let’s dive into key tips to pick and choose the right teddy lingerie:

Customizing For Plus Size Women

Every woman wants to be praised and celebrated for being unapologetically themselves. But when it comes to picking red or black lace teddy, plus-sized women shy away from a little. Teddy lingerie might be what your wardrobe is currently missing. It is cut just at the right places, drawing attention towards the curves in your body.

With the right fit, teddy lingerie is a boon for curvy women that makes them look like a goddess on earth, who is irresistible and charming.

Why choose teddy lingerie?

Firstly, you don’t actually have to give a valid reason to wear sexy lingerie.

Yes! You don’t need a REASON to wear teddy lingerie. Be it any hour of the day, work or no work, an event or just another day of the week, wear a teddy if you feel like it, no matter what.

Figuring out why size matters

Wearing the wrong size lingerie can be the ultimate nightmare. Your body is the one go-to place you live in. So, it’s necessary to take time and try on a range of sizes and different cup sizes to understand what suits you the most.

Remember, what would look amazing on one woman may not suit the other!

But hey! Don’t lose your heart! We will give you access to the user’s guide so that you can get your hands on the best one.

Measuring the chest size for the right teddy lingerie

The first thing to know about is finding the size of your chest. So, you can choose the band size accordingly. Measuring your band size is not rocket science; all you need is a measuring tape.

Keep it parallel and circle it around the lines where your brassiere ends. Pen down the inches or centimeters your measuring tape shows.

Make sure you don’t exhale out when you do this; also you don’t want to inhale and suck your tummy inside. This one size will make a huge difference and help you get the right lingerie.

Measuring the cup size for the right fit

Wearing the right cup size is important to stay true to your size. Even if you are wearing the right lingerie size but the cup size is wrong, the fit is going to feel uncomfortable and look shabby, with bulges kicking out from all the corners of the body.

For this, use the measuring tape to record the fullest part of your bust while you are wearing a non-padded bra. Whatever number you get, please write it down.

Now deduct whatever band size you got from the cup size.

Measuring the waist size

Teddy lingerie is a one-piece, and laying all the focus on the bust area will make you miss out on the waist and other areas that need equal attention to make everything look great. At the position where your waist curves lie, get your hands on a measuring tape and wrap it around that point to note down the waist size.

Remember not to measure the area where you hang your jeans or below, close to your hips. Panties are not designed according to that. They are designed considering your waistline

Measuring the hip size for the right fit

Hip sizes can range from woman to woman. Some may have a thin waistline but have a fuller butt. Some women may be curvy at the waist but might not be at the bottom. Or it can be one too many permutations and combinations.

So, never forget to measure your butt.

Grab a measuring tape and measure the fullest part of your hips, and note the reading down.

Now, refer to a panty size chart that will give you an idea about the size of underwear you should be choosing to wear according to your waist size and hip size.

Wearing the right size lingerie will lay a definite advantage for you and your posture!

The Bottom Line

Gone are the days when talking about lingerie out in the open was taboo! Today, women are outright confident and straightforward in finding ideal lingerie that compliments them. So, if you are planning to shop for teddy lingerie, check this guide to make sure the endeavor doesn’t turn out to be a disaster.


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